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    The Covering is the continuing story of Hannah Miller, an Amish woman who left her kin and community because of her love for a man on “The Outside.” Hannah, whom you came to know as “the Bond Woman” in a novel by the same name, now seeks the covering of marriage for herself, the covering of a father for her illegitimate son, Joey, and the covering of God’s grace for the sins she believes she has committed, albeit for love.

    Hannah seeks reconciliation with the Old Order Amish community from which she was cast out seven years ago, but those who remember her refusal to repent on that day are reluctant to accept her. As with others put under the Meidung, Hannah had been rigorously shunned by the community, as the Amish Law demanded; but they also remember the curse that the Amish bishop called down upon her, committing her to the devil and his fallen angels.

    When misfortunes begin to occur in the Amish settlement, after Hannah’s return, they blame Hannah and the curse that she carries with her. Despite tangible blessings in her life, Hannah, with her Amish upbringing, also fears the power of the curse on her and on those who dare to love her. The Covering considers the question: Can curses be turned into blessings by a greater power, the power of love?

    As with The Bond Woman, The Covering is a fascinating story with unpredictable twists and turns of plot that will, again, keep the reader spellbound.

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