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    The Sparrow’s Song takes its readers into the peaks and valleys of the author’s trademark multi-faceted plot, weaving in and out of Amish settlements and the Outside. Janice Dembosky also re-introduces the characters her readers have come to know and love—Sandra and Abram Goodman and their children, Israel and Isaac; Alexa Darling, fondly known as “the goat lady,” and her family—as well as introducing new characters.

    Questions left unanswered by the first two books of The Bond Woman Trilogy are dealt with in The Sparrow’s Song—the question of little Ida’s paternity and the consequences of not telling the Goodman and Yoder children that they are related biologically.

    Readers will not be disappointed by the complexity and unpredictability of the plot of book three, The Sparrow’s Song. It promises to take them on the emotional roller coaster ride they have come to expect from author Janice Dembosky.

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